Future video livestream and teachings

This coming year we will organize between 10 and 12 weekends filled with relevant topics, speakers and teachings. We are constantly thinking about further development and connection with multiple ministries to set up high quality material. You can find a list of what’s coming here below. We will constantly come up with new topics and initiatives and update the list of expected and confirmed teachings. Please follow us by subscribing and keep informed.

Date: 17-18 December 2021 (first edition)

Subject: Biblical subjects such as being born again, faith, baptism, the great commission, the great command, the work of the Holy Spirit, prophecy, liberation and healing.
Speaker(s): Christian Tan, Wilkin v/d Kamp, Martin Koornstra en Matthew Helland

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Date: January 7-9/2022

Subject: Israel and the Bible. God’s covenant with Israel, God’s Word is one, God’s plan with Israel and the world, Hebrew and Greek thinking, God’s prophetic feasts, Jerusalem from Abraham, via Jesus into the future.
Speaker(s): Jacob Keegstra (Jacob is the Dutch president of the Christian Embassy in Jerusalem).

Date: January 14/2022

Subject: How to reach the world with the Gospel. Missiology and Messiology. George will speak from his heart about missions. It will be a recording of his lifelong legacy in ministry.
Speaker: George Verwer (founder of Operation Mobilisation)

Date: January 21-23/2022

She Rises. An all women conference.


Date: February 18-20/2022 (not yet confirmed)

Subject: A life of worship. Worship in all its aspects.
Speaker(s): Celeste and Daniel Gonzales – Nova (from Guatemala)

Date: February 25-27/2022

Subject: The Bible and science. The origin and creation of the Bible, the reliability of the Bible – Old and New Testament, the credibility of the resurrection of Jesus, historic background of Jesus, the origin of the universe, the origin of life, what do we learn from geology?, what do we learn from biology?
Speaker(s) asked: (not all yet confirmed) Ruben Jorritsma, Henk Bakker, Danny Falkner, Karel de Lange, Paul Garner and Nathanael Jeansons

Date: March 4-6/2022 (not yet confirmed)

Subject: The culture clash between light and darkness. Background of prostitution, active termination of life, abortion, legalization of drugs, sexuality.
Speaker: Jonathon van Maren (from Canada)

Date: Springtime 2022

Subject: Business as a mission, entrepreneurship in business, finances, economy, taking care of the creation, a life of generosity, stewardship, etc.
Speaker(s): Will be set up by the team of BAM Netherlands, related to the global BAM community

Date: Springtime 2022

Subject: Questions and specific topics for seekers.
Speakers: This will be in conjunction with Jesus.net and Global Rize. We will select topics and speakers that are of interest to people curious about the Gospel, but who have just started searching. We will also break these sessions into short teasers for social media.

We are currently consulting with more speakers and ministries with regards to weekends. These topics are being discussed:
• God’s plans for all people throughout the world and the history of church movements over the last 2000 years.
• God’s prophetic feasts and the parallel with Jewish marriage, related to the plan of salvation.
• A weekend specific for women.
• A weekend specific for men.
• A weekend specific for teenagers.
• A weekend specific for Muslims.
• Etc. Suggestions are welcome.