About this Series

Wonderful episodes about the wonders of Creation.

S01 E01 Wonders of Creation: Seahorses

Seahorses are as baffling to the theory of evolution as are duck-billed platypuses. Join Eric Lyons as he looks at this wonder of Creation.

S01 E02 Wonders of Creation: Geckos

Join Eric Lyons as he examines the incredible traits of these reptiles, and why scientists are trying to reproduce their amazing design.

S01 E03 Wonders of Creation: Elephants

As the largest land animals on Earth today, elephants are amazing icons of size and strength. The impressive and unique features of the elephant serve to show how wonderful God's creation is.

S01 E04 Wonders of Creation: Honeybees

Honeybees are extremely important as pollinators for much of the food humans depend upon. Join Kyle Butt as he examines the amazing communication of these wonders of Creation.

S01 E05 Wonders of Creation: Cuttlefish

The cuttlefish is an amazing wonder of creation. Join Eric Lyons as he looks at the amazing camouflage tactics of the cuttlefish.

S01 E06 Wonders of Creation: Lightning Bugs

Lightning bugs have the ability to combine chemicals to produce bioluminescent light. Such complex, functional design demands a Designer. Join Eric Lyons as he takes a deeper look at these wonders of God's Creation.