About this Series

How did you feel when you first realized you were spiritually lost? Before you obeyed the Gospel, did recognizing your lost condition create a heavy weight on your heart and mind? Did it keep you up at night? Join Don Blackwell as he discusses obeying the Gospel and making sure you are going to heaven.

S01 E01 Are You Going To Heaven? | Preparing for Heaven

How did you feel when you first realized you were spiritually lost?

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S01 E02 Do Miracles Exist Today? | Preparing for Heaven

What exactly is a miracle? The Bible describes many miracles in times past, but do miracles still exist today? In this lesson, Don Blackwell looks to the Bible for the answers to important questions.

S01 E03 Overcoming Negativity | Preparing for Heaven

How do we overcome the negativity that creeps into our lives? Join Don Blackwell as he provides biblical perspective and practical approaches to negating negativity and promoting positivity.

S01 E04 Temper, Temper: Dealing with Anger | Preparing for Heaven

Join Don Blackwell as he looks at the Bible's explanations and examples on the reasons for anger, the restrictions on anger, the results of anger and the remedy for problems resulting from anger.

S01 E05 Where Do We Go When We Die | Preparing for Heaven

In this video Don Blackwell explains the journey of the soul, tracing it from the point of conception into eternity.

S01 E06 Why Are There So Many Churches? | Preparing for Heaven

Learn about the fascinating history of the first century church of the Bible and how it still exists today! Learn about God's true church, the origins of denominationalism and God's scheme of redemption for mankind.