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Does God exist? Is there proof for God? Follow Kyle Butt as he demonstrates the evidence for God from the areas of logic, philosophy, and science. Some of the most profound questions of life will be addressed, and deeper insight will be gained to increase your faith in God.

S01 E01 6 Proofs for God’s Existence | Proof for God

When we consider the most profound question of life, “Does God exist?” we should follow the evidence wherever it leads. In this video, Kyle Butt presents six powerful evidences proving God’s existence, from the complexity and order of our Universe to

S01 E02 What Caused the Universe? | Proof for God

What could have caused our Universe to exist? If every material effect we see has a cause, and the Universe is material, then what caused it to exist?

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S01 E03 Looking Closer for Design | Proof for God

When we look at the Universe, do we see design in its structure? Since anything that is designed requires a designer, then design in the Universe would demand a designer.

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S01 E04 How Did Life Begin? | Proof for God

How did life begin? If the Cosmos is all that there is, all that there was, and all that there ever will be, then how could life come from non-life? What does science have to say about this scenario, and what does the Bible have to say?

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S01 E05 Moral Values & Atheism | Proof for God

Have you ever done anything morally right or morally wrong? The answer to this question has a serious bearing on the existence of God. If there is no God, then there cannot be anything objectively morally right or objectively morally wrong.

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S01 E06 Free Will and Atheism | Proof for God

Does free will exist, or is free will an illusion? Do you have a choice to watch this video or not? If free will exists, then how does a naturalistic or materialistic worldview explain its origin?

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S01 E07 Faith and Reason | Proof for God

What is the relationship between faith and reason? Is faith a warm, fuzzy belief without evidence? Is scientific reasoning a contrast to biblical faith?

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S01 E08 6 Reasons NOT to Believe in Evolution | Proof for God

Some of the classic reasons given for you to believe in evolution are actually some of the best reasons NOT to believe.

S01 E09 Vestigial Organs | Proof for God

Kyle Butt discusses some common examples of vestigial organs and the current understanding that the scientific community has about them.

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