The concept

About us

Christian Media Guide is one the coming three Guide Sites. The umbrella site in the future will be the Guide Sites. The three brands underneath will be: (vacations and conferences, multiple days) (events, one single day) (TeachFlix with lessons about knowing and following Jesus Christ)

The coming years we will organize many live conferences at . There are three ways to participate:

  • Visit these conferences live as an attendee in the auditorium.
  • Via livestream through various social media accounts – YouTube, Vimeo, United7.TV and our website. This will be free of charge.
  • The series of our video’s will be available on the platform in the Media Guide. The platform will also be completely free of charge.

The content will be shared with all kinds of platforms that want to use it. We will for example work together with and If you are interested in partnering, please contact Gerhard Hobelman.

It is our dream that the platform will soon consist of hundreds of great teachings about all kinds of relevant topics. We know that globally many are searching for good education about Jesus, Gods Word and the work of the Holy Spirit. We will bring it all together on our platform and via social media.

Connect with us

The conferences will be held at Vacation Park and Conference Center De Betteld in Zelhem. ( De Betteld is located in the Netherlands, in the “Amsterdam” CEST time zone. You can watch it live via several platforms:
Facebook | please like and follow us.
YouTube | please subscribe.
We will keep these video’s there for one month. After that, you can find everything on our platform. If you follow us or subscribe, we will keep you informed about future development and news.

Goal and target group

Reaching as many people as possible worldwide with crystal clear, culture-relevant, Biblical education about God, His Word and living with Him, led by the Holy Spirit. The target group is non-believing seekers and Christians who are looking for biblical insight, growth and balance.

We will develop a statement of faith to show that we are a fresh, healthy, balanced and biblical platform with life-changing education.


An ongoing series of studies and conferences (live and online) on the most relevant topics related to the gospel, life, the times we live in, God’s integral plan of salvation, the future, the church, society, discipleship, Israel, relationships, the culture clash with the world, missiology, specific target groups like women, men, teenagers, muslims, etc. Everything will be available on a platform for free for everyone and everything. The starting point for education is little or no prior knowledge. This also makes it suitable for searchers. We will set up in English to be able to offer it worldwide as live conferences, online conferences and a platform with highly relevant content, streaming on a platform called and social media, etc.

We will continue to develop the project where there is success and demand. We will use subtitles where asked for. People can use it as a personal online video bible school, church material, cell group material, etc. Seekers can orientate themselves on all kind of aspects and topics. Weekends or midweeks are regularly held, with live audiences, streamed and recorded, with a number of studies being held, each consisting of two half-hour sessions. In 8 sessions, this results in 16 studies/lessons of half an hour per conference. As a result, we can often add new episodes and series. We count on a minimum of 100 lessons per year, which is an average of two per week.

We set up an editorial team with Eddie Bakker and Christian Tan and determine the content. We consider the topics and the speaker to be asked. Jan van Meerten of the Logos Institute is involved in scientific and often apologetic themes.

We will write the format of half an hour of study. We prefer not only to “talking heads”, we also want pieces of news, background information, short interviews, etc. A Power Point is therefore highly recommended with texts, photos, clips, statistics, etc. Some studies are more preaching, where the use of external sources is less of a requirement. Think, for example, of pure biblical interpretation.
We look for the best speaker per subject and ask if he or she wants to do one or more studies about his specialization. That could be anyone from all over the world. They can also record it in the home country according to our format. In the conference we will show that part on the big screen. Often several speakers are invited per weekend. Then part is live and part is on screen.

We would also like to produce a travel program called “Going Deeper Travels”. We then go to places where people can learn a lot about God, the Bible and following Jesus. That will be a kind of documentary about interesting places where many beautiful things have happened and are still happening.

In addition to video, we can also work with Podcast. We will promote these podcasts through all channels and put them on Spotify, iTunes, Apple Podcast and Google Podcast, etc.